Campus Life

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Welcome to Campus Life at Grays Harbor College, where fun and inclusivity go hand in hand!

Student Life

Get ready to supercharge your college experience! We believe that involved students are the happiest and most successful ones. At Grays Harbor College, you can dive into a sea of exciting opportunities, all thanks to the Services and Activities (S&A) fee. We've got events, trips, lectures, intramurals, concerts, clubs, multicultural programs, leadership chances, and more. Your education isn't just in the classroom; it's everywhere you want it to be!

Bishop Center for the Performing Arts

Need some entertainment? Look no further! The Bishop Center is where the magic happens. From choir and symphony concerts to musicals and concert performances, we've got your cultural cravings covered. And guess what? Grays Harbor College students get free tickets! Everyone else, don't worry; our prices are totally reasonable.

GHC Athletics

Want to unleash your inner sports fan? GHC offers a thrilling lineup of sports, including basketball, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, soccer, and wrestling. Cheering for your college team is not just a sport; it's a bonding experience. Let's make friends and unforgettable memories together!

Diversity and Equity Center

At Grays Harbor College, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Our Diversity & Equity Center is all about spreading awareness, understanding, and acceptance. We're here to ensure fair treatment for all, embracing people, ideas, and cultures with open arms. Let's make our campus a welcoming place for everyone!

GHC Photo Identification Cards

Don't forget your ID! Students, faculty, and staff at Grays Harbor College receive their official GHC photo ID card. It's your key to accessing all the incredible resources we offer, from the library to computer labs and college-sponsored events. It's not just an ID; it's your passport to an amazing college experience!