Board of Trustees

The board is composed of five trustees who are appointed by the governor of Washington and confirmed by the Senate. The trustees represent the public interest and ensure the basic fiscal integrity of the college.

Current Board Members

Arthur Blauvelt

Arthur A. Blauvelt (Chair)

Appointed October 2011. Reappointed October 2016. Board Chair, 2013-14; Board Vice Chair, 2015-16. Partner, Ingram, Zelasko & Goodwin; Municipal Court Judge, City of Elma; General Counsel, Port of Grays Harbor. Former Montesano and McCleary Municipal Court Judge. BA, English Literature, Western Washington State Univ.; Juris Doctorate, University of Puget Sound School of Law. Current: Secondary Rep., ACT Leg. Action Comm. Member, Grays Harbor Former Board Member: Grays Harbor Farmers Market, Timberland Opportunities (former Pres.), Timberland Regional Library (former President).

Dr. Paula Akerlund

Dr. Paula Akerlund (Vice Chair)

Appointed July, 2018. Dr. Akerlund received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mount Holyoke College, a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Oregon, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Seattle University. She worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist in school districts in Eugene, Oregon and both Kent and Aberdeen, Washington. She served as an Education Specialist with the Aberdeen School District before becoming Director of Special Services with the Olympia School District. She then served as Superintendent of the Willapa Valley School District for seven years and as Superintendent of the Ocosta School District for six years. When she assumed the position in Ocosta, the District had failed two bond measures intended to fund the replacement of a deteriorating elementary school. Recognizing that the possibility of an earthquake and tsunami posed a significant risk to her coastal community, Dr. Akerlund led a successful campaign to approve a bond measure to construct a new elementary school. That project included construction of the first tsunami vertical evacuation structure in North America. Dr. Akerlund has been recognized internationally, in newspapers, magazines, and television, for her vision and leadership and commitment to ensuring the safety of her school community. Dr. Akerlund retired in 2017 after forty years in public education.

Astrid Aveledo

Astrid Aveledo

Appointed November 2018. Executive Director for the Dispute Resolution Center of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties. For her leadership in serving tribal and Spanish speaking community members, she received the Washington Mediation Association's 2018 Champion Award. She also currently serves as the co-president for Resolution Washington, the Association for Dispute Resolution Centers in Washington State. Growing up in Taholah and Venezuela, the new trustee completed her bachelor degree in political and administrative sciences from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and her master degree in public administration from the University of Washington. Prior to working at the Dispute Resolution Center, she worked as an organizational consultant and Guardian Ad Litem.

Dr. Harry Carthum

Dr. Harry Carthum

Appt. Nov. 2014. Educational Consultant and co-owner, Westport Property Dev. Former: Retired public school admin. BA, English, N. Park College; M.Ed. Sp. Ed., Central WA Univ.; Ed.D. Educ. Ldrshp., Seattle Univ. Current: Past-Pres., Westport Grayland CoC; Pres., Capital Region ESD 113 Board of Dir.; Member, WA Assn. of School Admin.; Member, Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.; Board Member, Community Opportunities for Parenting Education (COPE). Former: Member, Council for Exceptional Children; Board Member, The ARC of Washington State; Board Member, WA Assn. for Supervision and Curriculum Dev.

Denise Portmann

Denise Portmann

Appointed April 2011; Reappointed October 2015. Board Chair, 2015-16 and 2012-13; Board Vice Chair, 2014-15. Resident and Chief Executive Officer, Bank of the Pacific. Bachelor’s of Science, Accounting, Central Washington Univ.; Certified Professional Accountant (CPA). Current: Member, AICPA; Member, WSCPA; Board Member, Grays Harbor College Foundation. Former: President, Citizens for Willapa Valley Schools.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Notes

All regular meetings take place in Room 4331 in the Schermer Instructional Building on the Grays Harbor College campus.







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