Business Training

Grays Harbor College is committed to the belief that every person should have the opportunity for lifelong learning to investigate new career possibilities, to upgrade work skills, to enhance personal skills and to begin a pathway toward vocational and associate degrees. Grays Harbor College is also dedicated to serving the needs of our communities and supporting small business development.

Business Contract Training

The Business Contract Training program collaborates with community partners to provide training that is aligned with industry needs for a skilled workforce. Contracts are developed by training component, not by the number of participants. The focus of contract training is to be the bridge between educational programs and on-the-job skill training. Business Contract Training also provides:

  • Online and on-ground credit and non-credit classes for job skills enhancement
  • Short-term certifications
  • Industry credentials
  • Opportunities for training savings through matching grants and tax credits
  • Access to a Small Business Development Center Certified Business Advisor
  • Customized Training Program

Business Resource Centers & Workshops

GHC offers a wide range of support for businesses and entrepreneurs, including resource centers and workshops. Resource areas stocked with informational materials for businesses and entrepreneurs are located at each of Grays Harbor College's three campuses:

  • Riverview Education Center - 360.875.9466 - 600 Washington Ave., Raymond, WA 98577
  • Columbia Education Center - 360.642.9433 - 208 Advent Ave., SE, Ilwaco, WA 98624
  • Aberdeen Campus - 360.538.4012 - 1620 Edward P. Smith Dr., Aberdeeen, WA 98520

The WSU Small Business Development Center is located at the Aberdeen Main Campus. A Certified Business Advisor is available by appointment. Please call 509-358-7765 or email Jerry Petrick at

Clock Hours for Teachers

Grays Harbor College is approved by the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction to offer and verify Continuing Education courses which meet teacher professional certification needs. Many online classes are available for clock-hour credit, as are some on-ground Continuing Education courses.

Clock Hour Verification Process

The process is simple.  The teacher selects and enrolls in a course that has been pre-approved for clock hour credit.  Most of the on-line courses are $95 for a 6-week, 24 hour course.  The teacher pays the tuition, completes the class, submits a request for clock hour credit and verification of completion. Last the teacher submits the approved verification form to OSPI.

More information on the clock hour verification process

Business Certificates and Degrees

College credit courses, leading to certificates and degrees are also available through Grays Harbor College, including:

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Skills, Business Management, Software Applications, Office Professional, Microsoft Office Applications, Formatting/Publishing Business Documents, Business Technology, Business Management, & Early Childhood Education

View the full list of Professional / Technical Degrees.


For more information, contact Nancy Estergard at 360-538-4012 or