Operational Policies and Administrative Procedures

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Section 100 - Board Policies

Title Policy

The Legal Authority of the Board of Trustees and its Operating Principles

101.01 Procedure: Approval of Board Policies and Administrative
102 Meeting of the Board of Trustees
103 Ethical Standards and Conflicts of Interest
104 Code of Ethics for the Board of Trustees
105 Executive Administrator for the Board
106 Vision, Mission, and College Priorities

Naming of College Buildings


Policy and Procedure Policy

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Section 200 - Administration

Title Policy
200 Executive Administrator for Personnel
201 College Council
203 Definition of an Administrator

Advertisements, Announcements, Speakers, Printed Material

204.01 Procedure: News Stories and Publicity
205 Academic Freedom
207 Fund Raising in the Name of Grays Harbor College
208 Public Records

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Section 300 - Instruction

Title Policy
301 Degrees and Graduation Requirements

Instruction, Instructional Council, and Executive Administrator

302.02 Procedure: Class Scheduling
302.04 Procedure: Textbook Selection
302.05 Procedure: Hours, Faculty, Office, and Instructional
302.06 Procedure: Grading
302.07 Procedure: Private Lessons for Music Majors
302.08 Procedure: Credit Overload, Student
302.09 Procedure: Field Trips, Faculty
303 Continuing Education
306 Ungraded Courses

Grays Harbor College Library

307.02 Procedure: Library Goals and Evaluation of Services
307.04 Procedure: Library Collection Development
307.06 Procedure: Library Collection Challenges and Intellectual Freedom
307.08 Procedure: Circulation of Library Materials
307.10 Procedure: Conduct in Library Facility
310 Use of Human Subjects
312 Accreditation of Instructional Programs and Services


314.01 Procedure: Copyright
315 Program Closure - "Teach Out"
316 Advanced Placement Credits
317 Transfer Rights and Responsibilities
318 Reciprocity

Credit for Prior Learning

319.01 Procedure: Credit for Prior Learning

Placement Reciprocity

320.01 Procedure: Placement Reciprocity
321 Credit Hour

Student Absences for Holidays of Faith and Conscience

322.01 Procedure: Student Absences for Holidays of Faith and Conscience

Veterans Transfer Credit

323.01 Procedure: Veterans Transfer Credit
324 Washington Reverse Articulation Program (WRAP)

E-Learning (Including Online Learning and Hybrid Courses)

325.01 Procedure: Competencies for Online Instructors
325.02 Procedure: Hybrid Classes
325.04 Procedure: Class Mergers
325.06 Procedure: Regular and Substantive Interaction

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Section 400 - Student Services / Activities

Title Policy
401 Admissions

Student Involvement in Governance

402.01 Procedure: Parking Regulations, Student
402.02 Procedure: Club Advisors
402.03 Procedure: Security at College Functions
402.04 Procedure: Student Services Council
402.05 Procedure: Invited Club Guests

Student Education Records

403.01 Procedure: Student Records

Scholastic Standards

405.01 Procedure: Scholastic Standards

Title IX - Sexual Harassment and Non-Discrimination

406.01 Procedure: Title IX Student Conduct Procedures
406.02 Procedure: Title IX Grievance Procedure
406.03 Procedure: Supplemental Title IX Employee Disciplinary Hearing Procedure
406.04 Procedure: Grievance Procedure - Discrimination and Harassment

Student Rights and Responsibilities

407.01 Procedure: Notification of Convicted Sexual Offender
407.02 Procedure: Class Attendance
407.03 Procedure: File-Sharing; Technology-Related HEOA Compliance Plan
408 Campus Speakers

Budget for Student Activities

409.01 Procedure: Financial Procedure for the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College
409.02 Procedure: Student Activities, Budgeting for Student Programs
409.03 Procedure: Financial Awards for Student Activities

Standards for Progress for Financial Aid Recipients

410.01 Procedure: Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients
411 Alcohol/Substance Abuse Prevention Program
412 Hazing
413 Student Residency Status and Non-Resident Tuition Waivers
414 Basic Skills Tuition Waiver



Reasonable Accommodations for Students

415.01 Procedure: Reasonable Accommodations for Students
415.02 Procedure: Service Animals on Campus
415.03  Procedure: Protocol for Students with a Documented Medical Condition

Grays Harbor College Athletics Program

 416.01  Procedure: Athletics


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Section 500 - Business and Non-Instructional

Title Policy

Business Functions, Delegation of Authority

501.01 Procedure: Refunds, Student Tuition and Fees
501.02 Procedure: Delegation of Authority


Procedure: Exceptional Faculty Awards - Award Amount
501.04 Procedure: Contract Reporting


502.01 Procedure: Travel Guidelines
502.02 Procedure: Travel Reimbursement
502.04 Procedure: Transportation Reimbursement for Prospective Employees
502.05 Procedure: Vehicles, Driver Requirements

Financial Management

503.01 Procedure: Accounting and Budgeting 

Cash Control

504.01 Procedure: Cash Management
504.02 Procedure: Payment by Personal Check

Property Management

506.01 Procedure: Keys, Building
506.02 Procedure: Equipment Control
506.04 Procedure: Faculty Liability
506.05 Procedure: Maintenance and Repair
506.06 Procedure: Room Assignment and Scheduling
506.08 Procedure: Lost or Found Property
506.10 Procedure: Property, Personal, on Campus


507.01 Procedure: Purchasing Cards

Services, Student, Employee, Citizen

508.02 Procedure: Emergency Medical Instructions
508.05 Procedure: Custodial or Equipment Services
508.06 Procedure: Parking, All Employees
509 Vending on Campus


510.01 Procedure: Grant Development and Management Procedure for Sustaining Grants

Procedure: Grant Development Procedure for Project Grants


Procedure: Grant Management Procedure for Project Grants



Accounts Receivable

511.01 Procedure: Accounts Receivable
512 Business Enterprise Rental Rates
513 Institutional Unemployment Compensation Rate
514 Fee Waivers, Senior Citizens

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure


Use of Facilities and Services

516.01 Procedure: Requirements for use of College Facilities
516.02 Procedure: Visitors, Children, Animals
516.03 Procedure: Rules for Use of Campus as Public Forums
517 Withholding Services for Outstanding Debts
518 Sales of Goods and Services

Safety on Campus

519.01 Procedure: Fire/Evacuation Drills
519.02 Procedure: Safety Committee
519.03 Procedure: Hazard Communication Program, All Employees
520 Coffee and Light Refreshment Policy
522 Textbook Sales
523 Donations of Works of Art to the College
524 Reporting of Loss or Suspected Loss of College Resources

Management and Disposal of Hazardous Wastes

525.01 Procedure: Hazardous Waste and Materials Information and Training
525.02 Procedure: Spill Response
525.03 Procedure: Hazardous Waste Disposal
526 Internal Control
529 Strategic Space Use
530 Financial Stability and Solvency

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Section 600 - Faculty and All Personnel

Title Policy
601 Sabbatical Leave and Leave of Absence, Exempt Employees
603 Complaint Procedure - Non Represented Classified Staff and Administrative Exempt Employees
607 Anti-Nepotism, All Employees
608 Maternity Leave, All Employees
609 Preparation of Academic Calendar

Persons of Disability

610.01 Procedure: Reasonable Accommodation, All Employees
611 Annual (Vacation) Leave, Exempt Employees

Personnel, All Employees: Qualifications, Employment, Evaluations

613.08 Procedure: Selection of Faculty, Administrative Personnel, and Other Exempt
613.09 Procedure: State Employee Misconduct, Reporting (Whistleblower), All Employees
613.10 Procedure: Service of Court Documents to College Employees

Personnel Records, Faculty, and Other Exempt

617.01 Procedure: Background Checks

Professional Organizations, Faculty, and Other Exempt

618.01 Procedure: Professional Organizations, Faculty, and Exempt Personnel
621 Tuition and Fee Waivers for All Employees, Full-Time

Granting of Sick Leave, Attendance Incentive Program, and Retirement or Death Sick Leave Payoff - Faculty

622.02 Procedure: Leave - Annual, Sickness or Bereavement, Faculty and Exempt Employees
622.03 Procedure: Employee Separation
622.05 Procedure: Family and Medical Leave, Exempt Administrators and Faculty
622.06 Procedure: Suspended Operations - Faculty, Exempt Staff, and Non Represented Classified Staff
627 Leave, Civil, and Military, All Employees
628 Emeritus Status for Faculty and Administrators
629 Personal Leave Day for Administrative/Exempt Employees
630 Substance Abuse, All Employees
631 Smoking Policy

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

632.01 Procedure: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Shared Leave

633.01 Procedure: Shared Leave Program
634 Employee Absences for Holidays of Faith or Conscience

Domestic Violence and the Workplace

636.01 Procedure: Domestic Violence and the Workplace


650.01 Procedure: Pre-Retirement and Post-Retirement
651 Employee Campus Weapons
652 Exempt and Faculty Retiree Re-Employment

Recruiting and Hiring

653.01 Procedure: Recruiting and Hiring
653.02 Procedure: Probationary and Trial Service Periods
654 Tuition and Fee Waiver for Non GHC Classified State Employees
655 Code of Ethics - All Employees

Telework and Flexible Work Hours

656.01 Procedure: Telework and Flexible Work Hours

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Section 700 - Classified Personnel

Title Policy

Non Represented Classified Staff

700.02 Procedure: Reduction in Force
700.03 Procedure: Salary Determination

Classified Staff Development and Training

701.01 Procedure: Classified Staff Development and Training

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Section 800 - Information Technology

Title Policy

Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

800.01 Procedure: Telephone Service
802 Mobile Devices
803 Electronic Signature

Accessible Technology and Electronic Content

805.01 Procedure: Accessible Technology and Electronic Content
806 Print Management


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