Transfer and Graduation Rates

Student Right to Know

Student Right to Know (SRTK) refers to a Federally-mandated public disclosure of a college's Completion Rate and Transfer-Out Rate. The intent of SRTK is to provide to the consumer a statistic of comparable effectiveness that they can use when choosing a college. All colleges nationwide are effectively required to participate in the disclosure of rates.

SRTK is a "cohort" study; that is, a group of students who are degree-seeking, first-time freshmen who are enrolled full-time are identified in a fall term and their outcomes are measured over a period of time.

Metrics in the report include:

Completion Rate – The individual student completed a degree or certificate from GHC within 150% of normal completion time. (For a 2-year degree, 150% of time is 3 years.)

Transfer-Out Rate – The individual student left GHC and transferred to a different school, but did not complete a degree or certificate with GHC.

Retention Rate – The individual student re-enrolled or completed their program by the following fall.

Employment Rate – The individual student completed a degree or certificate at GHC, and was employed within 4 years of their first quarter at GHC.

In compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, Grays Harbor College makes available its completion and transfer rates to all current and prospective students.


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