Harbor Landing Food Pantry

The entrance to the food pantry is located at the front of the gym on the side facing the bus stop.

ASGHC has collaborated with Coastal Harvest and the Grays Harbor College Foundation to open the Harbor Landing Food Pantry, a food pantry available to both students and members of the community.

Our mission is to reach students and community members who may be struggling to find their next meal by providing them with nutritious food to bring to their homes. We aim to lessen the food insecure population both on campus and in the surrounding community, so that students may be able to focus more on their studies and less on hunger.

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How It Works

Step 1: During your first visit, you'll be asked to fill out a short application with basic information such as zip code and family size. This information is reported back to our community partner, Coastal Harvest. There is no need to bring an ID (except a student ID for students) or proof of income or financial need. You will be provided a “membership card” which you will use on future visits to quickly check-in (and it’s contact free!).

Step 2: After you complete your application, a volunteer will give you a shopping list. The shopping list includes frozen and non-perishable foods, snacks, and hygiene items. Items per week can fluctuate, but bringing a reusable bag will always get you 2 extra items. Once you fill out your shopping list, it will be handed off to a volunteer who will then fill your bag for you.

Step 3: While your bag is being filled, you may pick up any produce or freebies that are on the two tables in the waiting area. Produce is all available on a take-what-you-need basis and does not need to be recorded. Once your bag is filled, a volunteer will call your name or walk your bag out to you.

Due to COVID-19, our operations have been temporarily changed. Students will be provided with a premade bags/boxes of food, which will include staple food items. When available, frozen and refrigerated items are provided in addition to the premade bags/boxes of food.

When coming to the food pantry, all patrons must wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, our volunteers will not be able to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these new processes.