Additional Areas of Study

Programs A-Z

Grays Harbor College has proudly served the residents of both Grays Harbor and Pacific counties for over 85 years. We are focused on success of all varieties - helping students as they work towards an Associate or Bachelor degree; teaching new skills that could lead to a new or improved job; or encouraging someone as they strive to earn a GED®, master English as a new language, or enroll in any one of our community special interest courses.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education classes address subjects related to leisure, lifestyle and special interest. Courses range from single day seminars to several weeks. Courses are non-credit and are taught by community professionals experienced in their chosen field.

Running Start

The Running Start program is intended to provide students a program option consisting of attendance at certain institutions of higher education and the simultaneous earning of high school and college/university credit.

Business Contract Training

The Business Contract Training program collaborates with community partners to provide training that is aligned with industry needs for a skilled workforce. Contracts are developed by training component, not by the number of participants. The focus of contract training is to be the bridge between educational programs and on-the-job skill training.