Enrollment Procedures

We are glad you decided to join us to pursue your educational goals. Becoming a student at GHC is easy! Just click the link that applies to your status as a student.

New to Grays Harbor College

If you have never taken credited classes at Grays Harbor College before, you are considered as a new student, even if you have been a student at a previous college. 

Returning to Grays Harbor College

You are a returning student if you have previously taken credited classes and have not attended for one quarter or more. We will be glad to welcome you back!

Transferring to Grays Harbor College

You are transferring from another college to Grays Harbor College. We are glad to welcome you!

Running Start

If you are a High School student in your Junior or Senior year, and you are interested in taking college courses, Running start may be the right program for you!

Under Age Students

You will need to apply for Admission as an underage student if you will be under the age of 18 when you start attending Grays Harbor College and have not graduated from high school or earned your GED.

International Students

You are an international student if you plan to study at Grays Harbor College using a student visa. Students must meet the required English proficiency in order to be admitted.