GHC Photo Identification Cards

Students, faculty, and staff at Grays Harbor College will be provided with a photo ID card.  This card will serve as your official GHC identification and proof that you attend and/or are employed by the college.  Other benefits include checking out library materials, using the computer labs, accessing college events, etc.  

Supporting Students and Faculty/Staff

Since the fall of 2019, GHC prints contact information for mental health services and general crisis resources on the back of all photo ID cards.  These resources include: the phone number of a campus, local, state, or national suicide, crisis, or counseling. 

Getting a GHC Photo Identification Card

Students, faculty, and staff can get a new or replacement photo ID card by visiting Study Room B on the top floor of the John Spellman Library from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday and Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm.  Walk-ins are welcome or you can schedule an appointment by contacting Melissa Lenz at or 360-538-4158.

You can use the same photo ID card from year to year.  For security purposes, we provide a ‘term’ sticker for students and a year sticker for employees.  You can get updated stickers in Study Room B. 

Requirements to have Identification Card Printed


Faculty/staff must show a Valid Photo ID at time of printing and have employment verification through     HR/Supervisor. 


  1. Students must be enrolled in classes 
  2. Students must show a valid photo ID at the time of printing.  It can be a government issued ID such as an ID card, Drivers License or Passport.  It could also be a Photo ID from another school. For example an ASB Card. 
  3. Students must be able to verify information on their school account. Last four of the Student ID is preferred.  If they do not know that, we can verify in another manner but more information has to be verified such as birthday, phone number, mailing address AND personal email address 

Additional Student Information

Students can have 1 copy printed of their Official Student ID Badge at no cost.  Each additional copy has a $5 fee associated with it payable to the Cashier.  The student can either stop by the Cashier and prepay and provide a copy of the receipt or they can stop by and get a copy re-printed and the charge will be placed on their account.