Earn My Degree

Students who complete their freshman and sophomore coursework at GHC before transferring to universities as juniors earn similar or higher GPAs compared to students who begin their college experience at the university.

Finish High School

Whether you have been out of high school for years, or have recently decided to finish getting your high school diploma, GHC offers multiple paths for success. Finishing high school opens doors for financial aid, vocational training programs, and degree programs.

Improve My Job Skills

GHC offers workforce education credit and training for community members preparing for new careers, upgrading their work skills, or furthering their individual interests. Earn a technical degree or take a short-term training to enhance your current skillset.


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STEPS: GHC Open House

Have you been thinking about going to college and have numerous questions that you just can't find the answers to or can't find the time due to your schedule? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Grays Harbor College presents the STEPS (Steps Toward Education Promotes Success) pro...