Running Start FAQs

What is Running Start?

A dual enrollment program where qualifying students can receive college credit while attending high school.

Who is eligible?

High school juniors and seniors
Students who have completed a GED
Students under age 21 

How are college credits awarded for high school classes?

In general five college credits are equivalent to one high school credit. Many students are able to complete their high school requirements at the college very quickly.

Can a running start student attend college full-time? 

Students may enroll in a combination of college and high school classes or attend full–time at the college. It is important for students to plan their schedule wisely leaving sufficient time for home work, transportation, and other activities.

How many college classes can I take at the college?

College enrollment is calculated on how many classes a student is taking at their high school. Generally, a student who takes 1 high school class can enroll in 15 credits (3 college classes). Talk to your HS counselor to determine how many credits you are eligible for.

What type of classes can I take at the college?

100 level or above
On campus or online or a combination
Courses that meet high school graduation requirements and work toward a degree.

How much will it cost to attend GHC while in Running Start?

Tuition is covered by the student’s high school based on the maximum credits allowed.
Class fees and textbooks are the student’s responsibility. For books buy used, rent, or borrow to reduce costs.
A fee waiver and book scholarship is available to students who qualify. Ask for a form from the Running Start office.

What can I do with my college credits?

A full time junior may be able to earn credits to complete a degree at the same time they graduate from HS.
Transfer credits to a different college or university upon completion of Running Start/HS graduation.