Career Counseling

The first step in any career decision-making process is to gather information about yourself. It is very important to have an understanding of your interests, skills, abilities, values, personal experiences, and personality. The more you know about yourself, the easier it will be for you to identify the type of career path you want.

Choosing a Major or Career Direction

The Student Support Center offers free, one-on-one career counseling sessions to assist students in the process of choosing a major or career.

A career counseling session typically begins with a conversation in which the student and counselor explore the student’s previous experiences to identify interest themes, skills and values. It will generally include an occupational card sort in which the student reads the definitions of careers and chooses the ones that sound appealing, followed by discussion of what makes them interesting. Students also have an option of taking the Strong Interest Inventory or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to help clarify their career interests and personality style as they relate to careers. 

The career counseling process generally takes 1-3 sessions and can be scheduled by calling 538-4099.

Occupational Research

Career counseling also often includes research of careers that the student has identified as being of interest, along with discussion of how to reach occupational goals. You can get started doing some occupational research by exploring these Online Resources.

The following resources are available in the Center to help you in assessing your qualities and assist you in the career decision-making process. We suggest you use as many as possible.

Books, Videos, and Counselors

Counselors are always available to assist you either for a brief (10-minute) walk-in visit or scheduled appointments. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone who can show you how to access the resources listed above.

Counselors also offer career advising sessions to help you determine a major or career direction. Schedule a one-hour appointment by calling 360-538-4099.