Pre-College Classes

For students who are not quite ready for college level classes or who need to complete high school before taking other classes, pre-college classes are the place to start.  These classes are designed to develop and improve your fundamental skills in reading, writing, and math and help ease your transition to college. Some classes also provide the curriculum needed to complete high school if that is your first goal.

Pre-college classes are offered at the Aberdeen campus as well as at the Riverview Educational Center in Raymond and the Columbia Educational Center in Ilwaco.

Transition Classes

Formerly known as Basic Skills, transition classes are offered for reading, writing, math and high school completion curriculum.  Trans 050, 051, 055 and 056 (also listed under BASED) are typically multi-hour classes and are offered in a classroom face-to-face, or with a hybrid format (some classroom time and some online), or in a totally online format.  Skills learned can help you on your college placement test or help you complete high school.  The cost of these classes is $25 per quarter (waivers available).  To enroll in these classes students must complete the Transition Programs orientation process

Pre-College Courses

Additional pre-college courses will also help you improve your reading, writing and math skills if you have already completed high school and your placement scores indicate these classes as your best starting point. Regular tuition costs apply and the classes include:

For more information on Transition classes contact the Transition Programs department at 360-538-4167 to get started.   

To take the GHC Placement Test (CPT) to see if you qualify for other pre-college classes contact the Student Support Center at 360-538-4099.