Pre-College Classes

Students come to college with various levels of knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and math and different previous educational experiences. Classes, below college level, are designed to ease your transition to college and start on a pathway to a degree. Improving your fundamental knowledge in these areas is important to being successful in the college level coursework required to meet your academic goals.

Need to Finish High School?

If you need to finish high school, you will need to complete an orientation that is designed to match your current skills and needs with courses that will challenge you while supporting your success. To learn more about High School Completion Options, call 360-538-4167 or visit the Transition Department Zoom Lobby.

Already Finished High School?

If you have finished high school, you will need to take the GHC Placement Test (CPT) to help determine your appropriate starting point on the GHC English and math pathways. For more information, contact the Student Support Center at 360-538-4099.