Department Directory

The following is a list of the departments within Grays Harbor College. Contact the appropriate department with any questions you may have.

AccessAbility Services Email Website 360-538-4068
Accounting Program Website
Administrative Services Email 360-538-4034
Admissions and Records Email Website 360-538-4026
Art Program Website
Athletics Email Website 360-538-4207
Automotive Technology Program Website 360-538-4131
B.F.E.T. Website
BAS Program Email 360-538-4022
Biological Sciences Website 360-538-4182
Bookstore Email Website 360-538-4105
Business Management Program Website
Business Office Website 360-538-4040
Business Technology Program Website
Campus Operations 360-538-4154
Campus Safety & Security Website 360-538-4120
Carpentry Technology Program Website 360-538-4130
Cashier 360-538-4040
Chemistry Website 360-538-4205
Columbia Education Center Website 360-538-2539
Commercial Truck Driving Website 360-538-4011
Community Education Website 360-538-4088
Counseling and Advising Website 360-538-4099
Criminal Justice Program Website 360-538-4143
Custodial 360-538-4020
Developmental Education 360-538-4167
Diesel Technology Website 360-538-4186
eLearning Email Website 360-538-4085
English Website
English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL) Website 360-538-4167
Financial Aid Email Website 360-538-4081
Fitness Lab 360-538-4208
Food Service Email Website 360-538-4110
Foreign Language Website
Forestry Website
Foundation Email Website 360-538-4243
GED Testing Website 360-538-4049
Grounds 360-538-4117
History Website
Human Resources Email Website 360-538-4218
Human Services Website 360-538-4097
I-Best 360-538-4240
Information Technology 360-538-4064
Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning Email 360-538-4151
Learning Center Website 360-538-4129
Library Website 360-538-4050
Maintenance 360-538-4116
Medical Assistant  
Music Website
Native American Student Services Email Website 360-538-4090
Nursing Program Website 360-538-4244
Opportunity Grant Office Email Website 360-538-4155
Physical Education Website
Physics Website
President's Office Email 360-538-4000
Public Relations 360-538-4151
Purchasing Office 360-538-4037
Riverview Education Center Website 360-538-4023
Running Start Email Website 360-538-4093
Small Business Development Center  360-538-2530
Social Sciences  
Speech and Theatre Arts Website
Stafford Creek Education  
Student Life Website 360-538-4087
Student Services 360-538-4066
Student Support Center Website 360-538-4099
Transition Programs Website 360-538-4181
TRiO Website 360-538-4076
Veterans Office 360-538-4084
Welcome Center 360-538-4026
Welding Technology Program Website 360-538-4125
WorkFirst Website 360-538-4058
Workforce Education Website 360-538-4011
Writing Desk 360-538-4060