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Studying English at Grays Harbor College provides a solid foundation for further study and careers in a wide variety of areas. Four-year schools, graduate programs, and employers value the English major’s ability to understand and evaluate problems and to articulate ideas clearly and elegantly.

Career Information

The following careers are possibilities with a degree in English:

  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Columnist
  • Copy Editor
  • Freelance Writer
  • Journalist
  • Poet
  • Publisher
  • Screenwriter
  • Teacher 
  • Author/Novelist
  • Critic
  • Editor
  • Grant Writer
  • Playwright
  • Public Relations Writer
  • Radio/TV Reporter
  • Speechwriter
  • Technical Writer/Editor 

Transfer Schools 

“The last two years at GHC have shaped countless years of my future, giving me the confidence to succeed anywhere. Moving out of state, going to a large university, and making the transition to independence were all very scary steps for me.
The perfect stepping stone to success, GHC creates the foundation of an academic plan stretching far beyond its campus. Instructors quickly become mentors, always willing to give advice and guidance.
College is a time of challenge and self-discovery; at GHC, this journey is safe, supportive, and close to home. GHC is just as real as any university—but unlike a large school, you'll never feel lost.”

Mara Harwood
Ocosta High School Class of 2013
GHC Class of 2013
Transferred to Mills College