New Student Orientation

GHC Students sitting at separate tables studyingWelcome and Congratulations on Starting Your Academic Journey!

New Student Orientation (NSO) is an opportunity to meet the Grays Harbor College community and learn about our amazing resources and wonderful campus. Our Orientation activities include:

  • Meeting and learning about your fellow new students
  • Interactions with faculty and staff
  • Presentations on our programs, resources and guided support services
  • Information on Athletics, Student Government, Student Clubs and Organizations, our Diversity and Equity Center, and all things Student Life
  • A walking tour of one of the most beautiful college campuses in our region
  • A fun lesson on our unique and colorful locale; its people, places and things to do
  • Food, music, speakers and more!

Event Details

Date:  TBA Fall Quarter 2023

Contact: For more information or for answers to any questions, please contact the Student Life office at

Office: 360-538-2510 

Student studying in the hallwayLet’s Do This! Time to Sign-Up

Please RSVP by completing this form TODAY: New Orientation Form

*** All new students who attend the entire New Student Orientation day will be entered into a drawing for the $500 James Davis Trust - New Student Orientation Scholarship! ***

RSVP today! And see you on Thursday, September 15th!

Next Step: 

  • You will receive a confirmation that your RSVP was received to the email you provided.
  • No later than September 9th, you will receive location information of the orientation, as well as the new student orientation agenda.
  • No later than September 13th, you will receive a friendly reminder from us of the day and time of orientation
  • YAY! Thursday, September 15th arrives, as do you before 9:00 AM!
  • The Information, the Presentations, the Fun – YOUR JOURNEY – begins!

Online and Hybrid Orientations

Please use the RSVP link to confirm your choice to view the New Student Orientation on Canvas.

Please select in-person or online via Canvas on the RSVP form.

Students in a classroom with an instructor teachingContact

Felicia Mullins, MBA

Director of Campus Life, Diversity and Leadership

Office: 360.538.4237

Cell:  360.747.7422