Associated Students of Grays Harbor College

The Associated Students of Grays Harbor College (ASGHC), the campus student government, works as a bridge between the students and the campus administration. We serve on campus committees, manage and allocate student fees, advocate for students and the student voice, and work together to ensure students are represented to the college. We set policy regarding student activities and oversee all clubs on campus. We have weekly meetings and everyone is welcome to come, currently held on Thursday’s from 2:30-4:00 p.m. in the President’s Boardroom (2000 building 4th floor). Whether you are interested in clubs, how college administration works, or just have a question, student government is here to serve.

The Council

The ASGHC executive board is made up of five members. The officers are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Executive Officer of Budget and Finance
  • Executive Officer of Community Relations
  • Executive Officer of Government Relations

Getting Involved

Each year in the spring, Student Life offers opportunities for students to apply to serve as executive officers for the ASGHC. These positions are paid voting positions on the student government, providing students with a unique leadership development opportunity. For more information about these positions, reach out to student life, at or reach out to the executive officers directly.

Every year student government is looking for senators to serve as general student members. Senators serve as voting members of the student government and act in the best interests of the student body. Throughout the year ASGHC hosts events to gain student perspective, educate students on various initiatives, and make students aware of various things that impact students. If you are interested in being more active on campus or working with student government, contact us at 360-538-4087, or email us at

Meeting Minutes