Emergency Information

Emergency Phone located between the Gym and the Schermer Building

The college holds the safety and well-being of its students, staff and visitors in the highest regard.  We encourage everyone to contact Campus Security if you witness any suspicious activity or have any safety concerns while on campus

The majority of the emergencies that take place on campus are medical, which campus security coordinates with Fire & Ambulance.  Police will respond to all violent incidents including an active shooter on campus. If you witness suspicious or dangerous behavior warranting police response call 911 first, and then call GHC Campus Operations Dispatch at 360-538-4114.

Assembly Areas

Information will be disseminated to those at designated assembly points.  Do not return to an evacuated building until directed to do so.

map of GHC main campus assembly areas.500 Building (Gym)
Assemble in the reserved parking area – west of 500 Building (keep roadways clear)

700 Building
Assemble in the reserved parking lot – on west side of the building (keep roadways clear)

800 Building
Assemble in the commons area on the south side of the 2000 Building

1400 Building (Daycare)
Assemble in loading zone area (keep roadways clear)

1500 Building (Library)
Assemble in the reserved student parking lot (keep roadways clear)

1600 Building  (Bishop Center)
Assemble on the sidewalk on the east side of the building (keep roadways clear)

1800 and 1900 Buildings (Diesel and Auto/Welding)
Assemble in the parking areas (keep roadways clear)

2000 Building
Assemble in the commons area on the south side of the building

4000 Building
Assemble in the parking area on the south side of the building (keep roadways clear)

Tsunami Assembly Areas
Upper parking lot on the Main Campus. (Learn Tsunami Evacuation Routes for your areas).

Assemble in the grassy playfield area

Assemble on the sidewalk across from the Pacific Tuna Club, do not cross the street.