GHC offers many courses online which can be applied to any degree the same way as the equivalent face-to-face courses.

What Can Online Classes Do For Me?

Online classes allow you the flexibility to attend your class 24/7 from anywhere you have fast, reliable internet access.  GHC regularly offers more than 50 online classes each term, with the ability to complete an Associate in Arts Degree* or any of our Certificates in Early Childhood Education (leading to licensure in Washington State) fully online.  GHC also partners with other Washington colleges to offer even more courses!  As a member of SARA, GHC is proud to offer these online courses to students from all U.S. states!

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Find Out If Online Classes Are Right for You

Success in online classes means that you:

  • have enough time for your classes (approximately 15-20 hours each week for a 5-credit course),
  • are responsible, organized, and self-motivated,
  • have reliable access to a quiet workspace with a desktop computer and a fast internet connection,
  • strong reading and writing skills, and
  • are comfortable using technology. 

Click here to learn more about what it takes to succeed in an online class.  You can also take our short quiz or free course, Learning to Learn Online.

Step 2: Register for Online Classes

Sign up for online classes the same way you would for on-campus classes!

  • Current students can sign up for classes by logging into ctcLink
  • New students and former students should look for the application and enrollment procedure on the Admissions and Records Office page.    

If you are on the Aberdeen campus, you can find help in the Admissions and Records Office, located at the Welcome Center in the HUB. Or, they may be reached by call or text at 360-532-9020, and by email at admissions@ghc.edu.

Step 3: Prepare for Success

Don’t wait until your online class begins to start learning skills that will help you to succeed in college and beyond.  Try these free resources to help you prepare for your upcoming classes!  Take advantage of free typing lessons, math brush-ups, and more!  Start today!


Step 4: Log In to Canvas

We are proud to offer our online courses through Canvas, the best virtual campus platform for online learning, used by the most prestigious universities in the world.  Instructors at GHC use Canvas for our fully online courses, partially online “hybrid” courses, and even most of our on-campus classes.

Before classes begin, start to familiarize yourself with using Canvas.  Once you’ve enrolled, you should be able to access Canvas and see a list of your courses starting one month before the first day of classes, although you may not have access to your courses until the first day of classes. See the academic calendar to find out when your first day of classes will be. 

You can log in to Canvas with your MyGHC account at https://ghc.instructure.com.  Typically, your login will be the first letter of your first name, followed by your last name @my.ghc.edu, but if that doesn’t work you can check your MyGHC login by visiting my.ghc.edu/email.  For new students, your default password will be your first and last initial followed by your entire ctcLink ID.

For example, if your name is Charlie Choker, with ctcLink ID of 123-456-789, your login could be:

Example Student: Charlie Choker, ctcLink ID: 123456789
user: cchoker@my.ghc.edu
pass: cc123456789

Access our new student technology training, Learning Online with Canvas and Zoom to prepare for success now!  You can also consult the official Canvas Student Help Guides

Now you’re ready to continue your college education online!

Need Help?

Local students can receive academic help by stopping by the 1500 Building.  Come and use a computer in one of our quiet, reliable workspaces at the Learning Center or the Library.  There are lots of folks available to support you with your online courses there!  See our hours.

Whether you are local or not, you can access online academic support… e-tutoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you run into any issues, remember that your friendly E-learning team is here to help!  For technology help, please click the button below to get live Virtual Assistance from our staff (during available hours) or submit a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Technology Help

Happy learning! –the Grays Harbor College eLearning Office