TRIO Upward Bound (UB)

Program Overview

The TRIO Upward Bound Programs (UB) is a federally-funded program that serves first-generation and low-income high school schools. UB at Grays Harbor College is contracted with the following schools: Hoquiam, Ocosta and Raymond High School.

TRIO UB at Grays Harbor College is 100% federally-funded by the U.S. Department of Education & serves 60 students at Hoquiam High School, 30 students at Raymond High School and 30 students at Ocosta High School.

TRIO UB at Grays Harbor College is awarded $2.8 million for the 5-year grant cycle.


UB offers personal, financial literacy, academic, and career counseling services to encourage and support high school graduation. UB will offer the methods and skills required to successfully enroll and complete post-secondary education. Our program is dedicated to increasing academic awareness in Pacific and Grays Harbor County.


  • 9th-12th grade
  • Enrolled at Hoquiam, Ocosta, or Raymond High School
  • Must fall under one or more of the following categories:
    • Low-income
    • First-Generation (neither parent has a 4-year degree)
    • At Risk of Academic Failure (Below 2.5 GPA or struggling in classes)

Summer Bridge Program

We have a 6-week Summer Program to enhance our student’s academic and social-emotional skills. Our Summer Program is also an incredible opportunity for Hoquiam High School, Raymond Jr/Sr High, and Ocosta Jr/Sr High students to experience college life.

The Summer Program offers many exciting and challenging hands-on courses in areas such as:

  • English, Science, and Mathematics
  • Foreign Language
  • Financial Literacy
  • College Prep
  • Electives such as History, Sociology, PE, Coding, and more.

Field trips and overnight visits are also included.

Our final week of the program is a residential stay at St. Martin’s University. Living on campus is an important part of the college experience, and the residential program provides free on-campus room and board. We will also go on field trips and university tours.

Meet the Staff

Sarina Tung

Director of Upward Bound Programs
Grays Harbor College
1620 Edward P. Smith
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Office 2320
Office: (360) 538-4014
Cell: (360) 581-1570 (call/text)

Eric Shepard

Educational & Student Support Specialist
Raymond Jr/Sr High School & Ocosta Jr/Sr High School
Cell: (360) 581-6106 (call/text)

Molly Zinkle

Educational & Student Support Specialist
Hoquiam High School
Cell: (360) 581-9042 (call/text)