Physical Education

Physical Education is listed as part of the Social Science Division on the Grays Harbor College campus.  GHC offers two types of activity related courses in physical education: skills and health related fitness activities.   Skills related fitness activities such as badminton, volleyball and pickle-ball are offered, and health related fitness activities such as fitness lab, step aerobics and walking are examples of course offerings of the second type. Individual activities such as weight lifting and team related activities such as basketball are also course offerings.  In addition, an online health and wellness course also fulfills degree requirements as well as a hands-on first aid and CPR course. A pursuit of lifetime fitness is encouraged through the overall course structure and curriculum.

Career Information 

Career options for fitness and health are many and varied.  The fitness industry has jobs available in education as well as the private sector.  Outside of fitness and health educators, independent fitness clubs and community organized clubs (some with national affiliations - YMCA), provide opportunities for employment in the fitness area.  Independent personal trainers who contract individuals and groups are also on the rise.  Health related jobs and careers are not only supported in the medical field, but also available through federal, state, and county.  Nutritionists, researchers, and wellness coaches are just a few of the opportunities for employment in this ever expanding field.  Opportunity and pay become enhanced with advancing degrees and certifications.

Transfer Schools 

Student Comments

“These classes help maintain my fitness and health while at college.”
“I lost weight and got totally jacked!”
“It’s a great way to improve health and lower stress.”
“I learned the correct way to lift weights.”
“Rec hours are great.  Being able to come in and workout at different times works for me.
“I was challenged to better my physical condition.”
“I learned how to plan a workout and nutrition schedule.”