Written Arrangements

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) - Medical Assistant 

The AAS in Medical Assistant (2017-2018 catalog, page 64) is offered through a partnership with the Twin Harbors Skills Center in Aberdeen, WA.  Annually, the Medical Assistant cohort is comprised of 10 students who are high school seniors with Twin Harbors Skills Center and 10 students who are college freshmen at Grays Harbor College.  MEDAS110 and MEDAS111 are taught on the Grays Harbor College campus Monday-Thursday. There is additional required supplemental instruction for these courses (Medical Terminology and Introductory Anatomy) that occurs on Fridays during the first quarter of the program and is located at Twin Harbors Skills Center (an alternate location). All students are required to attend as part of the college course curriculum. After the first quarter, all students receive lecture and skills lab practice at Grays Harbor College.  All courses are taught in person. There is no additional cost to students in this partnership.  

Twin Harbors Skills Center is located at: 
410 N. G Street 
Aberdeen, WA 98520 

Associate of Applied Science – Hospitality & Ecotourism 

The AAS-Hospitality & Ecotourism Program (Found in the 2020-21 catalog) is offered through a partnership with Peninsula College. Currently, 45 credits of this degree are offered online by Peninsula College. These courses include: HOSP 100, HOSP 110, HOSP 120, HOSP 130, HOSP 140, HOSP 150, HOSP 210, HOSP 215, HOSP 220, and HOSP 230.  There is no additional cost to students for this degree compared to comparable programs at the college.   

Peninsula College is located at: 
1502 East Lauridsen Boulevard
Port Angeles, WA 98362


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