Dual Credit opportunity at Grays Harbor College

Grays Harbor College offers high school students the option to earn college credit right at their high school for Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes through the CTE Dual Credit program (a nationwide program formerly known as Tech Prep). CTE Dual Credit recognizes the rigorous and stimulating quality of CTE classes offered in our high schools, rewarding student performance with college credit applicable to professional or technical degree programs at the college, and allowing students to prepare early for a successful future in high demand programs of study that lead to careers with potential - in demand right here in the Pacific Northwest!

Students who register their eligible high school class(es) with our program have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit if they successfully complete the high school class(es) with a grade of “B” (3.0) or better.  The college credit earned is for actual college courses currently being offered at the awarding college; courses that are part of an established program of study leading to a college degree/career. At Grays Harbor College, eligible students can request credit for direct transcription - meaning students are transcribed as if they took the course at the college during summer quarter, the summer immediately following the school year that they've completed the high school class, and those credits will appear on their college transcript.

Benefits of CTE Dual Credit

  • Save time & tuition dollars by getting a head start on fulfilling college degree or certificate requirements
  • Earn college credit for high school classes that lead to careers and programs of study with opportunities beyond high school
  • Get proof of what you've learned in a college transcript - skills to be productive & successful in the world of work
  • May qualify you for more scholarships
  • May increase the value of your college or job applications
  • Potential to save substantial time, money, or both!