Medical Records Assistant Program Outcomes

Students will demonstrate outcomes in each of the following areas:

Medical Records Office Assistant

After successfully completing the Medical Records Office Assistant requirements, students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to code and bill accurately, ethically and assertively.
  • Accurately apply billing and coding principles to optimize reimbursement.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research and explain insurance coverage to patients and their families.
  • Handle all components of claims processing efficiently.
  • Effectively manage patient accounts for billing.
  • Accurately prepare claims for submission to insurance companies in hard copy and electronically.
  • Enter demographic data accurately in various software programs.
  • Effectively demonstrate professional behavior as needed in the workplace.


After successfully completing the communications requirement, students will:

  • Demonstrate literal and inferential comprehension.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in appropriate contexts.


Students successfully completing the computation requirement, students will:

  • Apply algebraic, analytic, geometric or statistical reasoning to solve abstract and applied problems appropriate to an individual discipline.
  • Interpret mathematical, quantitative or symbolic models such as formulas, graphs and tables, and draw inferences from them.
  • Employ basic symbolic or quantitative reasoning to support a position or conclusion.
  • Calculate proper axle weights using the Federal bridge weight formula.

Human Relations

After successfully completing the human relations requirement, students will:

  • Understand, articulate, and evaluate how various factors (e.g., social, personal/individual, historical, political, and economic) influence human behavior.
  • Understand, articulate, and evaluate the applicability of significant theoretical perspectives (e.g., conflict theory, feminist theory, cognitive behavioral theory) as they relate to contemporary social issues.