Introduction to Accounting I

Course Number: 
ACCT 113
Course Credits: 
Course Description: 
Theory and practice of double-entry bookkeeping and accounting for professional, service and merchandising business organizations. Coverage of both cash and accrual systems with preparation of worksheets, adjusting and closing entries, reversing entries, and financial statements. 5 lecture hours. Vocational program course. May be used as a general elective in the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisites: READ 090, completion of or current enrollment in MATH 070 or instructor permission.
Course Outcomes: 
  • Learn the basic accounting equation and it components
  • Explain the importance of business transactions and accounting measurement
  • Demonstrate the ability to record common business transactions
  • Understand the steps in the accounting cycle and identify and use the typical elements in a manual accounting system
  • Produce and interpret basic financial reports