General Biology w/lab

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Course Description: 
"An introduction to the processes and principles that are common to all living things. The course has a strong emphasis on molecular and cellular biology, including: chemistry of life, cell structure and function, Mendelian genetics, and evolutionary theory as a mechamism for the diversity of life that exists on this planet. This course is intended for, but not limited to, continuing on in biology or the health sciences and is a pre-requisite for human anatomy & physiology (BIOL&241/242). 4 theory hours; 2 guided practice hours. Satisfies science or lab requirement area A distribution or specified elective for the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Recommended Preparation: READ 090 or placement in college level reading. Prerequisites: ENGL 095 or placement in ENGL& 101 and MAT H 097 or placement in MATH 098 or higher; concurrent enrollment in BIOL& 160 Lab.
Course Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge and communicate the process of science as it applies to biology
  • describe and identify the characteristics of life shared by all living organisms
  • demonstrate understanding of atomic structure
  • demonstrate knowledge of cell function and structure
  • describe the process of biological evolution and its relationship to both the unity and the diversity of life
  • describe the classification of living organisms and in doing so will
  • identify the differences between the eukaryotic kingdoms of life