Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Course Number: 
CNA 102
Course Credits: 
Course Description: 


Students must complete Washington State Highway Patrol Criminal Background Check and DSHS review, provide documentation of TB skin test/chest X-ray and Hepatitis B immunization, seasonal influenza vaccination, other vaccines required by clinical facilities, and instructor permission.

The learner is introduced to basic nursing care, resident rights, safety and emergency nursing procedures. Principles of therapeutic relationships and client care are presented as well as the legal/ethical issues related to nursing assistant practice. Students demonstrate competencies required to assist in giving basic nursing care to patients in long-term care agencies under the supervision of the instructor. A CPR certification is included.

Theory Hours
6 theory hours.

Guided Practice Hours
8 guided practice hours.

Vocational Program Course
Vocational program course.

AA General Elective
May be used as a general elective in the AA degree.

Course Outcomes: 

Throughout the duration of this course students will be able to:

  • Accurately demonstrate at least 5 of NACES 22 skills during a practical competency test
  • Students will successfully demonstrate skills related to prevention of the spread of microorganisms (Hand Hygiene and Donning and Removing PPE) prior to the first day of clinical. (Critical Thinking)
  • Demonstrate effective communication techniques to provide quality, patient centered care to diverse populations with a special emphasis on the geriatric population.  (Social & Personal Responsibility)