English Composition II

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Course Description: 
ENGL&102 is a continuation of writing and research skills practiced in ENGL&101 directed towards writing expository/argumentative and critical/analytical essays focusing on literature. Skills gained in this course should improve students' performance in such tasks as writing for various purposes and audiences, writing critically and analytically in a variety of settings and creating formal, written research projects. 5 lecture hours. Satisfies writing skills requirement for the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisite: A grade of "C-" or better in ENGL& 101.
Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing English 102, students will be able to:

  • Conduct an inquiry-based research process
  • Analyze, synthesize, evaluate, interpret and integrate information from multiple credible sources.
  • Produce evidence-backed arguments that demonstrate audience awareness.
  • Document research using an appropriate academic format
  • Engage and reflect upon a composing process, that includes inventing, drafting, participating in a feedback process, revising, and editing