Introduction to American Literature

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Course Description: 
Course readings reflect our diverse national experience during the past two centuries. Authors are selected to highlight peculiarly American themes, forms and cultural conflicts. Fiction, poetry, drama and nonfiction prose are variously emphasized. Most recent emphasis: the tradition of American nature writing. 5 lecture hours. Satisfies humanities distribution area D requirement or specified elective for the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisite: A grade of "C-" or better in ENGL& 101.
Course Outcomes: 
  • Developing an appreciation for the contributions of a wide variety of writers to the American literary canon
  • Improving analytical and interpretive skills
  • Refining critical, analytical, and argumentative writing skills
  • Placing American literature in theoretical and historical contexts
  • Engaging in dialogues about American literature
  • Developing an appreciation for diverse cultures