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Course Credits: 
Course Description: 
ENGR& 214 is a course in engineering statics (mechanics). Topics include: vector notation, scalar and vector analysis of two- and three-dimensional static structures, equilibrium, moments, couples, distributed loads, resultants, centroids, inertia, shear and bending moments, and friction. This course qualifies as a specialization course for the AS-T Engineering degrees and as an elective for all other AS-T degrees. 5 lecture hours.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisites: MATH& 152 or PHYS& 221 with a minimum grade of "C" (or concurrent enrollment in either of these courses with advisor approval).
Course Outcomes: 
  • Solve two- and three-dimensional equilibrium problems by summing vector forces and moments
  • Construct free-body diagrams to calculate forces between bodies, within members and at connections.
  • Use graphical and analytical techniques to determine reactions to structural loading.
  • Make use of equivalent systems such as couples, force-couple relationships, and resultants in the calculation of structure loads.
  • Calculate the section forces in beams, including shear force, axial force, and bending moments.
  • Calculate centroids and moments of inertia of plane surfaces.
  • Use alternate frames of reference in the calculation of distributed loads.
  • Account for friction in the determination of structure loading.
  • Model real-world problems using engineering mechanics.
  • Develop and utilize team skills necessary in the solution of engineering problems.
  • Report the results of analyses clearly, concisely, and in the required format.