US History II

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Course Description: 
This course offers a survey of United States' history during the 19th Century. Topics of inquiry include slavery and the development of the abolitionist and women's movements, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Western expansion, through industrialization, the development of labor movements, and the origins of U.S. involvement in the world. 5 theory hours. Satisfies social science distribution area A requirement or specified elective for the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in ENGL 95 or placement in ENGL& 101; or instructor permission.
Course Outcomes: 

The objectives of this course are to improve students’ proficiency in both understanding course content and perfecting skills through mastery in the five areas covered by the Grays Harbor College “Desired Student Abilities.”

  • Disciplinary Learning
    • Knowledge of content in prerequisite or transfer courses, as well as preparation for a career.
  • Literacy
    • Skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and quantifying, as well as awareness and appreciation of learning styles and lifelong learning options.
  • Critical Thinking
    • Competency in analysis, synthesis, problem solving, decision making, creative exploration, and formulating an aesthetic response.
  • Social and Personal Responsibility
    • Awareness of and responsiveness to diversity and commonality among cultures, multiplicity of perspectives, ethical behaviors, and health and wellness issues.
  • Using Resources
    • Skills in accessing and evaluating information resources including campus resources, awareness of the role of information resources in making sound decisions, and command of the skills required to use appropriate technologies effectively.