Communication Skills for Medical Assistants

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Course Description: 
Techniques for building the client/patient relationships. Emphasis is on therapeutic communications. 3 theory hours. Vocational program course.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisites: ENGL 095 with a grade of "C-" or better, or placement in ENGL& 101 or ENGL 150.
Course Outcomes: 

MAERB Master Psychomotor Affective Competency Checklist Perform: Effective Communication

  • Use feedback techniques to obtain patient information including:
    • reflection
    • restatement
    • clarification
  • Respond to nonverbal communication
  • Coach patients appropriately considering:
    • cultural diversity
    • developmental life stage
    • communication barriers
  • Demonstrate:
    • empathy
    • active listening
    • nonverbal communication
  • Demonstrate the principles of self-boundaries
  • Demonstrate respect for individual diversity including:
    • gender
    • race
    • religion
    • age
    • economic status
    • appearance

MAERB Master Cognitive Competency Checklist Concepts: Effective Communication

  • Identify styles and types of verbal communication
  • Identify types of nonverbal communication
  • Recognize barriers to communication
  • Identify techniques for overcoming communication barriers
  • Recognize the elements of oral communication using a sender-receiver process
  • Define the principles of self-boundaries
  • Define patient navigator
  • Describe the role of the medical assistant as a patient navigator
  • Relate the following behaviors to professional communication:
    • assertive
    • aggressive
    • passive
  • Differentiate between adaptive and non-adaptive coping mechanisms
  • Differentiate between subjective and objective information
  • Discuss the theories of:
    • Maslow
    • Erikson
    • Kubler-Ross
  • Discuss examples of diversity:
    • cultural
    • social
    • ethnic