Ear Training I

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Course Description: 
Beginning ear training within major and minor scales as well as sight singing within the octave, the basic major and minor intervals to a fifth, whole and half steps, triad qualities, primary chords in harmonic progressions, and rhythmic dictation of quarters, eighths and half notes and quarter rests. 2 lecture hours. Satisfies humanities distribution area C requirement or specified elective for the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Corequisite: Concurrent enrollment in MUSC& 131.
Course Outcomes: 

The goals of this course are to improve students’ performance in the following areas:

  • Comprehend elementary note reading, rhythm reading, keyboard identification, interval identification, chord building, scale building, cadence identification, and conventional part-writing procedures for tonic, dominant and subdominant triads.
  • Analyze and synthesize the above-mentioned elements of music.
  • Think critically about the elements of music.
  • Work with other classmates to solve harmonizing and voicing problems
  • Think critically about analytical issues in music and about one’s own responses.
  • Develop essays from critical and analytical responses to the text and to class discussions as well as outside research.
  • Analyze and synthesize ideas from listening to live performances. Develop critical and analytical responses to those performances.