Human Relations

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Course Description: 
Application of theory and current research in psychology with major topics of personality, decision making, communications, motivation, learning, and the workplace. Focuses on individual and group thought and behavior in the world of work. Emphasis is placed on change, personal and professional growth. 5 theory hours. May be used as a general l ective in the AA degree.
Course Prerequisites: 
Prerequisites:Concurrent enrollment in ENGL&095 or placement in ENGL&101, or instructor permission.
Course Outcomes: 
  • Identify individual work style
  • Describe and utilize appropriate communication skills
  • Describe the characteristics of an effective work team, the typical stages of team development, and how to be a capable team member.
  • Understand the issues involved in working with people from different cultural backgrounds and how to work effectively in a diverse workplace.
  • Describe and demonstrate the rules of "principled negotiation" and conflict resolution.
  • Describe and demonstrate customer satisfaction skills for "internal" and "external" customers.
  • Identify character traits associated with being an ethical person and use a systematic method for making ethical decisions and behaving ethically.
  • Describe and give examples of how to effectively manage workplace stress and anger.