Related Welding I

Course Number: 
WELD 101
Course Credits: 
Course Description: 
Students are required to be present for the first day of class. Failure to attend on the first day is grounds to be dropped from the course. Students are given an overview of welding employment opportunities, the most common welding processes (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW), and oxyacetylene cutting and heating.
Course Prerequisites: 
Course Outcomes: 

To meet the course standards and demonstrate the ability to meet the outcomes expectation of this course, the student will:

  • Work Safely in and around welding operations
  • Demonstrate appropriate Workplace Behaviors
    • Demonstrate professional and responsible personal conduct.
    • Demonstrate ability to comply with organizational rules and policies.
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge relevant to the industry in Technical Proficiency
    • Safely set up and operate common manual and semi-automatic welding and cutting equipment.
    • Apply fillet welds in various positions with SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW.
    • Apply V-groove welds in various positions with SMAW and FCAW.