Related Welding II

Course Number: 
WELD 102
Course Credits: 
Course Description: 
Students are required to be present for the first day of class. Failure to attend on the first day is grounds to be dropped from the course. A theory-guided practice course to build upon skills learned in WELD 101. The course promotes proper work habits and safe work practices. Training increases skills with oxy-fuel cutting and common manual and semi-automatic welding processes.
Course Prerequisites: 
Course Outcomes: 

To meet the course standards and demonstrate the ability to meet the outcomes expectation of this course, the student will:

  • Work Safely in and around welding operations
  • Demonstrate appropriate Workplace Behaviors
    • Demonstrate professional and responsible personal conduct.
    • Demonstrate ability to comply with organizational rules and policies.
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge relevant to the industry in Technical Proficiency
    • Safely set up and operate common manual and semi-automatic welding and cutting equipment.
    • Apply fillet welds with GTAW.
    • Apply V-groove welds with SMAW and FCAW.