Campus Construction-Pedestrian Impact

Posted on: Mar, 27, 2018

Campus Construction-Pedestrian Impact

Campus community,

Due to the scale of our summer construction projects, we are starting early this spring, and I need to notify you of the impact this will have to campus as we go forward.

This year we are demolishing buildings 200 and 300, then rebuilding the upper parking lot.

The first phase of this project is abatement of hazardous building materials. This does not mean that the buildings pose any danger in and of themselves, it simply means we are removing and appropriately disposing of materials that have been covered and undisturbed since the late 1950's.  One aspect of this work is removing the roofing material from the canopy that runs in front of 200/300.  This area is part of the construction zone, and we will no longer have access to this covered walkway once construction starts.  The walkway will no longer exist once the buildings are torn down to make way for our replacement student union building.

This work will commence approximately April 25th, and should finish just before commencement.  The buildings themselves will come down over the summer.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to prepare GHC for the next 50 years.

Keith Penner
Chief of Campus Operations