November is Transgender Awareness Month

Posted on: Nov, 14, 2017

November is Transgender Awareness Month

The GHC Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will be hosting a Transgender Awareness Week to help raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people, and address the issues these communities face.

Activities the GSA will be hosting in the HUB Mon-Thurs:

Mon. 13th: Education information. Stop by the table in the HUB to learn more about Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals

Tues. 14th: Me Dolls. The GSA will have supplies for individuals to create dolls that represent individuals. There is more to everyone than gender and sexual orientation. Please come and make a doll that represents all that you are.

Wed. 15th: Aydian Dowling “My Journey to Authenticity”

12:00- Schermer Building 4134
7:00 pm – Schermer Building 4134
Both events are free and open to the public

Aydian Dowling, founder of Point 5cc Clothing, is an FTM transgender activist from Long Island, New York. Aydian documented his own transition on YouTube as a way to voice his thoughts, fears, and successes; as well as offer a support mechanism for others looking to transition. Aydian Travels the USA, (and the world) to speak on many issues involving Authenticity, Finding self-love with Being Transgender. Presently his most popular speech entitled “My Journey To Authenticity” where he draws from his experience as a Transgender male, and his own struggles with his acceptance of his identity. His story was show cased on “It Gets Better” Project in 2011 and he has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Thursday 16th: The GSA will be remembering those who have lost their lives in 2017. They will be providing information and statistics about issues surrounding discrimination towards Transgender individuals.