Upper Parking Lot Delays

Posted on: Sep, 5, 2018

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Dear Campus Community,

As we start the new academic year, the work on the upper parking lot has not yet been completed.  The delay is a combination of unforeseen circumstances as we discovered underground issues that had to be addressed, as well as a strike by the IUOE (heavy equipment operators union) for all of western Washington.  The combination of factors has resulted in significant construction delays, and I currently expect this project to be completed in mid-October.

We are reserving all open spots in the Schermer lot to accommodate faculty & staff. 

The ADA spots in the Schermer lot are covered by federal law, and will remain open to anybody with an appropriate ADA tag.

Members of our campus community who have been provided with a “Medical Reserve” tag will be relocated to the lower lot and served by shuttle bus.  While this is not ideal, it is a temporary arrangement as we work to improve parking at GHC.

This delay is definitely an inconvenience for our campus community at a busy time of year.  The work being undertaken is necessary, and would have been inevitable at some point.  The upper lot was failing and had an increasing number of sinkholes.  Site lighting was poor to non-existent, storm water drainage was inadequate leading to slipping hazards in cold weather, and the layout of spaces was dangerous.  All of these issues are being addressed.  We will soon have an evenly surfaced, well lit, safer parking lot with better accessibility and two way traffic in each drive aisle. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Keith Penner
Chief of Campus Operations
Grays Harbor College