Student Services Instructional Building (SSIB)

With plans of opening in winter 2024, the new Student Services & Instructional Building (SSIB) will provide a welcoming gateway to GHC’s campus and will serve as a connecting point between the college and the community. Download the SSIB fact sheet to learn more.

About the SSIB

In addition to providing quality education and workforce programs that meet the needs of the local community, GHC strives to provide students with an enriching, fun, and memorable college experience. The SSIB will be a significant contributor to promote a quality college experience.

The new SSIB will house GHC’s Student Services departments. The building will also include a coffee bar, dining area for students, and space for student life.

The top floor of the SSIB will feature a conference center with space to seat up to 550 people, meeting rooms, and instructional spaces.

Student Services Instructional Building