Student Services Instructional Building (SSIB)

With plans of opening in winter 2024, the new Student Services & Instructional Building (SSIB) will provide a welcoming gateway to GHC’s campus and will serve as a connecting point between the college and the community. Download the SSIB fact sheet to learn more.

About the SSIB

In addition to providing quality education and workforce programs that meet the needs of the local community, GHC strives to provide students with an enriching, fun, and memorable college experience. The SSIB will be a significant contributor to promote a quality college experience.

The new SSIB will house GHC’s Student Services departments. The building will also include a coffee bar, dining area for students, and space for student life.

The top floor of the SSIB will feature a conference center with space to seat up to 550 people, meeting rooms, and instructional spaces.

Student Services Instructional Building


Change in Construction Schedule – May 2022


College Community,

Shortly after the construction started for the new building, we had to halt the process due to an error in permitting.  While we expect the project to proceed in May, the delay has had an impact on both the construction schedule and the overall cost of the project.

We have spent countless hours working with the architect and the contractor to develop a plan that would get the building back on schedule and eliminate the additional costs associated with the delay.  After much discussion and consideration of alternatives we have decided on a plan that will require us to change the sequence of the project phases.

The new sequencing will now require us to move people and operations out of the HUB into temporary locations this Summer, so that the HUB can be demolished at that time, rather than next year.  This change allows the contractor easier access to the project site with less disruption to campus pedestrian traffic, and gives them ability to accomplish some other work this summer rather than next year.    While this change does disrupt all of the operations located in the HUB, it will allow us to open the new building in the Fall of 2023 and save overall costs, given that there are not further construction delays. 

The details of this change in plans have not yet been fully determined and we need to work with the employees and the unions to finalize the move.  Once that has been accomplished, we can announce the new locations of all of the operations which are now located in the HUB.  These changes could also have an impact on Instruction, if it is decided that any instructional space is needed to support Student Service operations.  The impact on Instruction will be minimized, as much as possible.

I know these changes are going to cause disruption for several people and I apologize for that inconvenience.  However, I believe that these changes are in the best interest of the students and the college, in opening our long-awaited new Student Services/Instruction building for everyone to start the 2023/2024 Academic Year.

Thank you for your understanding and support of our students.

Ed  Brewster