Diversity and Equity Center

Open doors to the Diversity Center in the HUB

The mission of the Diversity & Equity Center of Grays Harbor College is to educate and advocate for awareness, understanding, and acceptance of fair treatment for all people, ideas, and cultures.


  • To provide opportunities to learn and engage in conversations regarding diversity, inclusion, power, privilege, inequity, and social justice. 
  • To educate and bring awareness to all identities, such as but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age, gender, and disability. 
  • To celebrate differences.
  • To create a campus culture accepting of all people, ideas, and culture.

Grays Harbor College values the respect for diversity of people, ideas, culture, and the environment. 

The Diversity & Equity Center (DEC) is located in the Hillier Union Building (HUB). If you are interested in volunteering in the DEC stop by or contact Richard Arquette at richard.arquette@ghc.edu