Diversity and Equity Center

Open doors to the Diversity Center in the HUB

The mission of the Diversity & Equity Center is to educate and advocate for awareness, understanding, and acceptance of fair treatment for all people, ideas, and cultures.

The goals of the DEC are:

  • To provide opportunities to learn and engage in conversations regarding diversity, inclusion, power, privilege, inequity, and social justice. 
  • To educate and bring awareness to all identities, such as but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age, gender, and disability. 
  • To celebrate differences.
  • To create a campus culture accepting of all people, ideas, and culture.

Grays Harbor College values the respect for diversity of people, ideas, culture, and the environment. 

The Diversity & Equity Center (DEC) is located in the Hillier Union Building (HUB). If you are interested in volunteering in the DEC stop by or contact richard.sommer@ghc.edu.

Diversity Lectures Series

As part of the programming put on by ASGHC, we host a monthly program as part of our Diversity Lecture Series. This series brings various speakers and events to campus regarding a number of topics related to diversity, social justice, and identity.

To learn more about programs offered as part of the Diversity Lecture Series or by the DEC, check out our Facebook page for more information and updates.