Carpentry Technology (CC)


Placement in ENGL 060, MATH 060, READ 080 and instructor permission.

Courses (63 Credits Minimum)

Core Courses (48 Credits)

Course Course Title Credits
CARP 121 Residential and Commercial Carpentry I 16.0
CARP 122 Residential and Commercial Carpentry II 16.0
CARP 123 Residential and Commercial Carpentry III 16.0

General Courses (13-15 Credits)

Course Course Title Credits
ENGL&101 English Composition I or 5.0
ENGL 150 Vocational/Technical and Business Writing 5.0
MATH 100 Vocational Technical Mathematics 5.0
PSYC&100 General Psychology or 5.0
PSYCH106 Human Relations or 5.0
SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology 5.0

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