Natural Resources - Forestry Technician (AAS)

Students are particularly encouraged to take note of the skills required in English, reading, math and computers. Students planning to transfer to a bachelors program are strongly recommended to take the following options when choosing courses: BIOL& 222, CHEM& 161, MATH& 141, and GEOL& 101. Consult with an advisor for specifics.

Courses (104 Credits Minimum)

Core Courses (54 Credits)

Course Course Title Credits
NR 101 Introduction to Forest Management 5.0
NR 110 Principles of GIS 5.0
NR 131 Forest Ecology - Plant Taxonomy 5.0
NR 150 Forest Ecology - Disturbances 5.0
NR 158 Work Experience Seminar 2.0
NR 160 Forest Ecology - Habitats 5.0
NR 250 GIS and Remote Sensing in Natural Resource Mgmt 5.0
NR 258 Cooperative Work Experience or 5.0
NR 259 Cooperative Work Experience 5.0
NR 260 Forest Mensuration 5.0
NR 270 Silviculture 5.0
NR 280 Harvest Systems and Products 5.0
NR 285 Forest Resource Planning 2.0

General Education Courses (25 Credits)

Course Course Title Credits
ENGL&101 English Composition I 5.0
ENGL&235 Technical Writing 5.0
MATH&107 Math in Society (or higher) 5.0
ECON&202 Macro Economics or 5.0
SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology 5.0
SPCH 101 Fundamentals of Speech 5.0

Support Courses (25 Credits)

Course Course Title Credits
ENVS&100 Survey of Environmental Science or 5.0
NR 120 Society and Natural Resources 5.0
BA 174 Small Business Management or 5.0
BUS& 101 Introduction to Business 5.0
BIOL&160 General Biology w/lab or 5.0
BIOL&211 Biol Science I: Majors Cellular 5.0
CHEM&121 Introduction to Chemistry w/Lab or 5.0
CHEM&161 General Chemistry w/Lab I 5.0
GEOL&101 Introduction to Physical Geology w/Lab or 5.0
EARTH102 Earth Science 5.0

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