Automotive Program Outcomes

After successfully completing this program, students will:

  • Accomplish automotive repairs in all 8 areas of the automobile required by the ASE Standards.
  • Utilize the proper basic shop equipment and tools needed to adequately complete repairs.
  • Show exemplary behaviors while at work, following the protocol of a professional technician.
  • Select the proper data from shop manuals and computer resources as required to complete repairs.
  • Diagnose symptoms by combining and applying knowledge from multiple sources e.g. other technicians, IATN (information bank), the internet, passed experience, etc.
  • Recognize, and avoid or resolve potentially hazardous situations related to automotive repair.
  • Describe and write findings, repairs, parts, updates, modifications, and labor time on repair orders clearly and effectively to employer satisfaction.
  • Present ideas and information in writing or verbally in a comprehensives manner to co-workers, employers, and customers.