Criminal Justice Program Outcomes

After successfully completing the Criminal Justice requirements, students will:

  • Be employable in entry level law enforcement and/or correctional positions.
  • Understand, articulate, and evaluate the similarities and differences between and among the components of the Criminal Justice System; the Police, Courts, and Corrections.
  • Understand, articulate, and evaluate how various factors (e.g., social, personal, historical, political, and economic) influence human behavior and its impact within the Criminal Justice System.
  • Understand, articulate, and evaluate the applicability of significant theoretical perspectives (e.g., conflict theory, feminist theory, cognitive behavior theory) as they relate to contemporary criminal justice issues.
  • Identify, understand, evaluate, and apply research literature from multiple social science disciplines (e.g., sociology, psychology, criminology, and political science).
  • To identify and understand the need for positive interaction between the Criminal Justice System and the community it serves.
  • Understand both the mental aspects of the Criminal Justice Profession and the physical aspects which it requires.