Diesel Technology Program Outcomes

After successfully completing the Diesel requirements, students will:

  • Trouble shoot and resolve equipment malfunctions and will repair to industry standards.
  • Apply a logical assembly/repair process to repair projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to disassemble and assemble various components used in the Diesel Industry to manufactures standards.
  • Select appropriate consumables and set up welding power-sources and wire-feeding units for common manual and semi-automatic welding operations (from related welding and diesel).
  • Recognize and avoid or resolve potentially hazardous situations related to welding operations (from related welding and diesel).
  • Diagnose and repair electrical components and wiring used in the Diesel Industry.
  • Effectively use manufacturers’ manuals in the performance of their work.
  • Determine the status of parts for reuse using manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Recognize potentially hazardous situations in the industrial workplace and will demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviors.