World Class Scholars Accepting New Participants

Posted on: Apr, 13, 2023

World Class Scholars Accepting New Participants

High school freshmen in Grays Harbor and Pacific County have the opportunity to join World Class Scholars, a program that provides the opportunity to earn a scholarship to Grays Harbor College.

World Class Scholars was created in 1993 in partnership with GHC, the Grays Harbor College Foundation, and local school districts. The partnership provides a pathway to college education for students throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, beginning as early as 9th grade, and provides a scholarship to each student who completes the program.

“At the Grays Harbor College Foundation, we believe every student deserves the opportunity to pursue higher education and achieve their dreams,” said Lisa J. Smith, Executive Director of the Grays Harbor College Foundation. “World Class Scholars was designed to help alleviate the financial burden of higher education and support students on their journeys to become leaders in our community.”

Students participating in World Class Scholars are invited to sign a contract committing to several scholastic, leadership, and community service goals, which must be met before their high school graduation. In return, GHC offers the commitment of entrance to GHC along with a scholarship award from the Grays Harbor College Foundation for the students’ first year at GHC.

Current and incoming high school freshmen are encouraged to sign up for World Class Scholars at, regardless of their plans after high school graduation. “Plans can change, and students will continue to develop new interests and passions. One reason this scholarship is such a great resource is that it can be used for up to 25 months after high school graduation,” said Smith. “Plus, students who choose to attend other colleges and universities can save money by using a portion of their World Class Scholars award at GHC for online or summer classes that have transferable credits.”

Those interested in learning more about the World Class Scholars program should visit or call the college’s Welcome Center at 360-532-9020.