Graduation 2020

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Dr. Minkler holding a graduation sign while standing in front of the college

2019-2020 Graduation Program

Grays Harbor College will celebrate its students' academic achievements with a virtual graduation ceremony, on June 26th 2020 at 6pm PST. "While a bit different than an in-person ceremony, we are committed to providing an experience as close to it as possible for our students, their families, and their friends," said GHC President Jim Minkler.  The ceremony will highlight Top Scholars, Student of Year, and Faculty of the Year.  It will include speeches from GHC's President as well as keynote speaker, Ben Winkelman, Mayor of Hoquiam, and recognize the individual accomplishments of each of the graduates.  

"We encourage all students to start thinking outside of the box for how they can celebrate their accomplishments with their families. Perhaps hold a virtual viewing party with family and friends," Dr. Minkler stated.  The live ceremony will take place on June 26th, but you can watch the ceremony online anytime as it will be available to stream. You can find information on graduation and access the online ceremony at Graduates who would like to participate in an in-person graduation ceremony, in addition to the virtual graduation, are invited to do so in June 2021.  

Dr. Minkler added, "To all of our graduates, congratulations on this accomplishment! We hope as many people as possible join us in celebrating our remarkable, overcome-all-challenges, GHC class of 2020."

What to Expect

Signing up for the ceremony

  • Students will receive two emails with two separate items they must complete
    • StageClip - This is where students will upload their photos and any quotes they want to add to their specific slide for the ceremony
    • NameCoach - This is will allow students to record their name or write it phonetically so that our professional speakers state your name correctly
  • Once both of the items above are complete students don’t need to do anything to else to participate in the ceremony.

Grad Pack Distribution

  • Grad Swag Packs will be distributed the week of June 22-26. Students will sign up to come to campus within a two hour window. We will send the link to sign up for a time to come to campus during the week of June 15th to student emails.
  • During the time that the student has signed up to pick up their swag bags, students will arrive on campus and follow the directional signs to the Bishop Center loop.
  • To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, we ask that students to do the following when picking up their graduation packs:
    • Please come during the two hour window they sign up for
    • Do not leave their cars and wear facial coverings when talking with staff. Staff will also be required to wear PPE during the distribution.
    • Allow staff to stay 6-feet away from the car and any student interaction.
    • Process:
      1. Student arrives and staff verifies the student name
      2. Staff will ask the student to pop their trunk so that we may place swag bag items in the trunk.
        • If you are not able to open the trunk from inside your car or if you do not have a trunk, we will place the items in a box near your car and once staff has moved you will be able to get out of your car, grab the items and go back into your car. Again, we ask that you please wear a face covering.
      3. Staff with gather all items specific for that student and place it in the trunk or other location as described above.
      4. Students leave with swag bag packs and get excited for the graduation ceremony on June 26 at 6pm.

Caps and Gowns

Even though we are in remote operations and the ceremony has been moved virtually, many of you may want to still purchase a cap and gown. You can do so through the Bookstore online by searching for “graduation” in the same way you look for Spring 2020 books.

Attending the Virtual Ceremony

On June 22 students will be emailed the link to access the ceremony. You can forward this email link onto family and friends. Additionally, on the day of the ceremony, this website will have the link available at the top of the webpage.

Top Scholars

Congratulations Britney Patrick

Britney Patrick

Britney Patrick is one of GHC’s Top Scholars for 2020! Britney is earning her Associate in Arts from GHC. She played volleyball, basketball, and softball at Willapa Valley HS while earning her degree at GHC. She plans on attending Saint Martin’s University to earn a degree in business administration and play softball.

Congratulations, Britney!

Congratulations Emma Tarrance

Emma Tarrence

Emma Tarrence is one of GHC’s Top Scholars for 2020! Emma is earning her Associate in Arts from GHC, and plans on transferring to Western Washington University.

Emma wanted to say: “I’d like to thank my family and friends for always supporting my dreams! I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Congratulations, Emma!

Congratulations Eric Eng

Eric Eng

Eric Eng is one of GHC’s Top Scholars for 2020! Eric is completing his Associate in Arts. Eric plans on starting in the University of Washington’s College of Engineering this fall.

Congratulations, Eric!

Congratulations Erica Bomhoff

Erica Bomhoff

Erica Bomhoff is one of GHC’s top Scholars for 2020! Erica is earning her Associate in Arts from GHC, and plans on transferring to the Evergreen State College. 

One of Erica’s favorite quotes is: “By the time you do what somebody else is doing, everybody has moved on to something else.” -Tyler Joseph

Congratulations, Erica!

Congratulations Gracie Thomsen

Gracie Thomsen

Gracie Thomsen is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! Gracie is earning her Associate in Arts from GHC, and plans on getting her Bachelors in Environmental Science from the University of Washington.

Gracie’s shout out was “Thank you to the teachers, counselors, workers, staff, etc... at GHC, you guys are awesome.”

Congratulations, Gracie!

Congratulations Kaycee Radke

Kaycee Radke

Kaycee Radke is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! Kaycee is earning her Associate in Arts. Kaycee plans on transferring to the University of Puget Sound to earn a degree in Business.

Kaycee wanted to thank “my family for everything. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Also, I would like to thank my boyfriend for always being there for me. Lastly, I would like to thank the staff at GHC.”

Congratulations, Kaycee!

Congratulations Lily Darrin

Lily Darrin

Lily Darrin is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! While earning her Associate in Arts from GHC, she was also in the Hoquiam High School Drama Club, Marching Band, National Honor Society, and the YMCA Leadership Club. Lilly plans on transferring to the University of Washington. 

Congratulations, Lily!

Congratulations Melissa May

Melissa May

Melissa May is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! On Friday, Melissa is earning her Associate in Arts. Melissa plans on attending the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and majoring in mechanical engineering.

One of Melissa’s favorite quotes is: “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney

Congratulations, Melissa!

Congratulations Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! Robert is earning his Associate in Science from GHC. During his time at GHC, Robert could be seen on the Bishop Center stage, where he was in the Opera Workshop performances of The Pirates of Penzance and the Magic Flute, the musicals Mama Mia and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,  and as Rocky in the Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast.

Robert plans on keeping busy at the University of Washington where he plans on majoring in Physics and Computer Science. Then it’s on to grad school for a Ph.D. in physics so he can eventually work on cutting-edge research in quantum computing.

Congratulations, Robert!

Congratulations Shelby Michelbrink

Shelby Michelbrink

Shelby Michelbrink is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! Shelby is earning her Associate in Arts from GHC. During her time at GHC, Shelby participated in the GHC Student Art Exhibition.

Shelby wanted to say: “Thank you to my family for always being there!”

She plans on transferring to another college to pursue a degree in Art. We can’t wait to see what she creates!

Congratulations, Shelby!

Congratulations William Gross

William Gross

William Gross is one of GHC’s top scholars for 2020! On Friday, William will receive his Associate in Arts.

William was on the GHC baseball team (Go Chokers!) and plans on attending the University of Puget Sound to further his academic and athletic career.

Congratulations, William!