Do I need to apply for graduation?

Yes! More information on applying to graduate can be found on the Apply to Graduate website: www.ghc.edu/graduation/apply

When is the deadline to apply for graduation?

We encourage all students to apply for graduation two terms ahead of the term that they expect to graduate (ie if you expect to graduate in Spring term, we encourage you to apply during the fall term prior). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

To be included in our Class of 2021 Graduation Program, students must apply for spring quarter graduation by June 10 2021. Students who apply after this date will still be allowed to participate in the festivities, but will not have their information in the program.

How long does it take for my graduation application to be reviewed?

Graduation applications can take between 6-8 weeks to be reviewed and processed. The enrollment services office will contact you once your graduation application has been processed via email. We ask that you only contact our office regarding your applications status if it has been longer than 8 weeks.

What is the cost to participate in graduation?

There are no costs to students to apply for or to participate in graduation.

What is the difference between the graduation drive-thru celebration and the virtual ceremony?

The drive thru celebration is an opportunity to pick up your graduation swag, get your graduation photo, and see faculty and staff who may have supported you on your academic journey. The virtual ceremony will be as close to our typical “in-person” graduation ceremony. It will include speeches, awards, and recognition of graduates, signifying the completion of this chapter in your academic experience?

Will I be able to get my graduation photo?

Yes! During the Drive-Thru Celebration on June 25, 2021, we will have an opportunity for all students to get a photo of themselves with their diploma cover. The photos will be available for digital download in the week following graduation. Students will be sent a link to download the photos.

There is not an in person graduation, but do I need to purchase graduation regalia (cap, tassel, gown)?

You are not required to purchase the graduation regalia this year to participate in graduation. During our drive-thru celebration, we will be providing every graduate with a cap and tassel at no cost to the graduate.

If you would like to purchase your regalia, they are sold as a package (gown, cap, tassel) from the GHC Bookstore. More information can be found here: www.ghc.edu/graduation/regalia

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

If you have additional question about graduation, please use the following list to contact the correct person: