Bonny Johnson - GHC Student, Medical Assisting

Bonny Johnson - GHC Student, Medical Assisting

Bonny Johnson - GHC Student, Medical AssistingHelping Others while Reaching Her Goals

Like many students starting out, Bonny Johnson wasn’t sure if college was for her, or what career path she wanted to pursue, but she knew one thing for sure: she wanted to help others.

Bonny has carried this desire to help others throughout her whole life. She remembers as a kid, going to nursing homes and singing to patients. She has raised money for various organizations and nonprofits, and she is currently preparing for a volunteer trip to Uganda this summer.

Before enrolling at GHC, Bonny took training to work as a home care provider. This became a turning point in her educational journey. “I got an education to be a home care provider, and that education lit a fire in me.  I had a thirst for education that could not be filled,” she recalled. Soon after, a friend recommended GHC’s Medical Assisting program, and Bonny decided to give it a shot.

“I had this fear going back to school, because I remember how hard school was for me,” Bonny said, reflecting on her first day back in a classroom. “Math class with Patrick Martin changed everything. He didn’t wait for me to ask for help, he just gave me the help I needed,” she remembered. “That was huge, for me to get that help in my first class.”

Bonny is now in her second year of the Medical Assisting program at GHC, and she is on track to graduate with the rest of her cohort in June, 2023. After that, she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree. “I want to go back to school and get my bachelor’s in organizational management, because I would like to help others in the office,” Bonny shared. “I want to get ready for management of some form.”

Bonny said that she has experienced a friendly and supportive atmosphere at GHC.  “Everyone at GHC is welcoming, and I believe they have a compassion and a heart to see other people learn,” she said. “I see joy in them when they know they’re helping you and see you reach a milestone. Even now, whenever I see my B-Tech teacher in the hallways, she taught me about Microsoft and PowerPoint, I always tell her I’m using my skills!”  

After graduating, Bonny looks forward to using her skills and knowledge to help others. “My biggest dream is to go and volunteer in clinics in Uganda,” Bonny shared. “I will get to work in clinics, and I just know I’m going to learn so much. They’re making it work and helping people with very little, and I’m excited to learn from them. I hope I can be a great help as well,” she said.

Bonny also uses her sewing skills to help clinics in Uganda from home. “They needed specific things, like pillowcase dresses, washable sanitary pads, and pouches,” she explained. This summer, Bonny will travel to Uganda to deliver the handmade items to a clinic she has been volunteering with from home. Her goal is 200 pillowcase dresses and 200 each of additional items that the clinic needs. “A lot of the things I do, I’ve never done before. There’s a need, and I research and fill that need,” she added.

When asked what advice she would give other students, Bonny said, “make connections with your fellow students. Have study parties. Help everyone get across the goal line. In helping others, you’ll get there too. It’s not a race; let’s all get through this together.”

In winter of 2023, Bonny was nominated to represent GHC on Phi Theta Kappa’s All-USA Academic Team, an honor that recognizes outstanding students for their accomplishments in the classroom and service leadership in their communities.